• Food translation goes mobile

    International food dictionary now has a mobile version.

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  • Turkish Cuisine

    Mezes and seafood of Turkey.

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  • Damnoen Floating Market

    About 110 kilometers from Bangkok is an old floating market. Today it is mainly for tourists, still it is an interesting location for photos and to try another type of “street” food. We tried chicken on bamboo skewers from one vendor and a noodle dish from the one shown here.

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  • Convert and Translate

    Page from a Persian fish cook book. Where do we get all of the words for International Food Dictionary? They come from many sources but the real work is trying to check and verify. I’m currently adding words for the fish of Iran. I first try to translate common fish names names using internet resources Continue Reading

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  • Translate

    A bakery in Rostok, Germany selling fresh bread. But, what is Sommergenuss Brot, a bread for summer enjoyment? Or is it a multigrain bread filled with sunflower seeds?

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International Food Dictionary

Welcome to International Food Dictionary.

This site is to help travelers and cooks find foods and cooking terms in other languages.
The translation sections should be working reasonably well. Each language has a different number of words so there may be words that don’t translate into some languages. Translations should be accurate but we are open to comments and corrections. The languages currently covered include English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Persian and Farsi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese in Romanji, Kanji, and Kana.
Most words for foods that are from plants or animals have the genus species or family in the database for reference.
We’ve recently added a recipe translate and unit conversion section. This should be very helpful to those that want to use a recipe in a new country. It places all the critical information in the language and units so that it is easier to duplicate.
The definition section is incomplete. In many cases the definitions are just notes.
There is much more information available than what is currently shown so ask if there is something else you would like to be made available.

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